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 Club&teams guide!

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PostSubject: Club&teams guide!   Wed May 13, 2009 10:50 am

Hey hey there! I decided to make this thread to help people out. Here we go!

Table of contents:
1. Starting your club/team.
2. Ranks.
3. Group outfits.
4. Rules for making a club/team.
5. Running a club/team.

1. Starting your club/team:
When you're starting a club/team, try to keep it organized. Not willy nilly. Like, and example:

1. Ranks
Here are the ranks of the club/team!

2. Outfit
Here is our official outfit!

And so on. Also, try to make it appealing. Maybe add a logo or something flashy. Also, make the description appealing. No one wants to go to a boring club!

Advertise in your signature to gain members! Can't think of any slogan? Ask someone to say if they can maybe help you, like make a co leader.

2. Ranks:
Need help with ranks? I can help, easily! Usually, you want job ranks like GFX designer, or leader. If you want stuff like that, here are some ideas:

- Leader.
- Co-Leader.
- Graphic Artist.
- Secretary.- Meeting Planner.
- Party Planner.

If you have a team, be creative! Make up some ranks! I don't want to interfere!3. Group outfits:
In other words, a group uniform. Try to come up with some uniform of some kind! Like the Vikings of CP, they wear a Viking Helmet. There should also be an outfit for members, and an out fit for non-members.

Basic outfits are ok, but try to mix it up a bit. No one likes plain and boring.

4. Rules for making a club/team:
There are some basic rules for making a club. Follow these, and you'll be ok:

- No gangs or gang-like clubs. It's a bad influence for the kiddys.
- No swears or bad language in a club (obviously).
- Try to stick with one club, ok?

5. Running your club/team:
When you run your team, please do not close it because you're bored with it, or you can't keep up with it. Just let your Co-Leader take over it. It's as easy as that.

Be nice to the users who want to join, and don't exclude. that's just plain mean, if you do. Plus, you might lose some great members! Give everyone a chance.

Your club/team can be a fan club, just a club, an army, or a cool team! You can choose from those, or make up your own!

M'kay, well that's all I know for now!
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Club&teams guide!
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